In the Future CWTPM

will become a leading Global Corporation

CEO greeting

With the most advanced technology and family-friendly management based on its the most humanistic management directives, we, Changwon Technology Precision Machinery takes the initiatives in leading the change of times.

Dear Customers!
Founded in 1997, we, “Changwon Technology Precision Machinery”, have been endeavoring to contribute to the development of our community and aiding those in need, based on our corporate commitment to “The Most Valuable and Humanistic Company”.

Our company is composed of Defense Business Division and Civil Business Division. Defense Business Division, focusing on military vehicles and tracked vehicle related equipment, continues to participate in the nationalization of general defense industry (Army/Navy/Air Force). We acquired extensive know-how and knowledge during the process of developing components, and are developing/manufacturing machine tool SUB UNIT components, hydraulic components for the civil industries as well as the components for the defense industry on the basis of such extensive know-how and knowledge.

Furthermore, with the firm intent of reforming at the management level, we have developed into a specialized manufacturing company that has established Total System successfully.
Our company also have been endeavoring to develop the skills of employees through training and education and acquired high-technologies through aggressed investment and R&D activities, thereby satisfying the diversified needs of our customers and leading the fast-paced trend.

We, “Changwon Technology Precision Machinery”, promise our customers that we will become a reliable company through customer-satisfaction based on our craftsmanship and further develop into a world’s leading Total Engineering Company based on our management direction “Family –friendly Management”.


President    OH BYEONG HU



 Business Strategies

  • R&D activities based on our core competencies
  • Diversication of Products
  • Development of Overseas Market

Business Process restructuring

  • Ecient Management based on ERP system
  • Satisfying the diversied needs of customers
    through the acquisition of certicates
    (e.g. ISO9001 / ISO14001 / DQMS, etc.)
  • Knowledge Management

Creation of Corporate Culture:
“Great Workplace to Work”

  • Humanistic Family-friendly company
  • Taking up new challenges through Autonomy,
    Competition and Cooperation, and Creating
    Happy Corporate Culture
  • Implementation of Welfare as desired by


  • Optimum design/interpretation/processing technology for medium/marge casting
  • Design/processing/assembly technology for machine tool components
  • Core technologies for the mechanisms of drive units and hydraulic system
  • Design/analysis technologies for electric/electronic circuits. Harness manufacturing capability
    for the special elds
  • Design/processing/assembly technology for the utensils of the components in the defense industry

Our Past and Future


Awards & Certificate

R & D Certification