Multi-purpose Rear Lamp

To resolve the continuing problems with the current multi-purpose rear lamp, we successfully developed high-efficiency multi-purpose rear lamp for military tracked vehicles using LED chip, and applied for patent.

Mounted on the military-purpose tracked equipment (e.g. self-propelled artillery, tank, armored vehicles), it endables pilot to identify oher vehicles and secure cision during day/night operation, which will lead to safe equipment operation.

  • Taillight indicates the width of vehicle (red)
  • Stoplight let the rear vehicle to notice that I step on brake pedal to stop vehicle (red)
  • Blackout Indication Lamp  indicates the width of vehicles during blackout (red)
  • Blackout Stoplight let the rear vehicle to notice that I step on brake pedal to stop vehicle during blackout (yellow)

Needs for Development

  • Military operations increased dissatisfaction with incandescent lamps
  • Incandescent production constraints due to environmental regulations
Military Operation

Maintanance Improvement
Operating cost Saving
Resolving Complaints

Technical Aspects

Production technology accumulation
Competition from companies with advanced technology
Securing the export market
Securing the component reliability testing technology
Securing the linkage with other technology equipment

Environmental aspects

Reducing power consumption
Greenhouse gas reduction
Low-carbon green industry coincidence
Environmental regulations eliminate effects

Development Goals

Development of High-efficiency Multi Purpose LED Rear Lamp Development for the military tracked vehicles using next generation lighting of LED chip.

  • Develop a product can be used to track vehicles around the vehicle into a standardized development of new products.
  • Product development in view of the maintenance and compatibility with existing products.