Challenges for the Future

Technology Development Process

With professional R&D personnel, infra and equipment, Changwon Technology Machinery is committed to

developing advanced technology, with the aim to produce near-perfect results.


1. Process review

Establishment of optimized process for developing new products.
This process was established through development conference for the
enhancement of development capability.


2. Design


3. Prototyping

We have excellent analysis ability to identify material and technical factors required
for production and estimate related cost, as well as manufacturing ability
over entire prototyping process using 3D printer,
welding and precision machining tools.


4. Prototype Testing

With ISO9001 and 14001 certificates and high-tech measuring equipment and test equipment that meet the quality requirements, we concentrate our efforts on enhancing product reliability
through heat treatment hardness test, 3D measurement and precision shape measurement.


5. Product Performance Test

Fulfilling national defence standard through components performance test
– Mechanical production : vibration, ultra-low-temperature test etc.
– Electric parts : environmental EMI / EMC test


6. Production System

Before mass-production, newly developed products go through optimized process review system once again for the process improvement and cost reduction by reflecting precision processing technology / assembly technology, special machining process technology, surface treatment technology and CNC programming technology.