Yaw Brake System

Wind Power Generator Brake System

We successfully developed eco-friendly caliper and friction pad to the extension of mass-production for 5MW class offshore wind generator through industry-academy joint research, which is expected to replace Yaw Brake of which we import 100% from advanced countries due to inadequate technology.


Yaw Brake System

  • The braking device for controlling the head of the wind power generator to be located in the vertical direction of the wind.
  • Perform functions such as emergency stop during high winds or maintenance.
  • Durability, heat resistance required by the high speed and high temperatures.

Rotor Brake System

  • Deceleration function for controlling the rotational speed of the rotor.
  • It requires high braking power & durability.

  • Design and Manufacture of Friction Pad
  • Design and Test of Caliper
  • Development of Commercialization Technology

  • Yaw Brake Load Analysis
  • Finite Element Modeling Analysis
  • Multi-object Dynamics Analysis

  • Yaw Brake System Analysis
  • Development of State Sensor
  • Development of Monitoring System